All safu tokens in one place. First cross-chain Aggregator launch by and for investors.

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Access your portfolio, anywhere

The ability to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your account means your funds follow you everywhere.

Security you can trust

2-factor authentication and user-controlled encryption are just a couple of the security features we allow to help secure your portfolio.

Enjoy Blockchain features

Securely trade and hold in your favorites DEX or Exchanges.

Store any asset you need

Whether you're trading newest coins, NFTs or holding BTC, ETH or so on, Deforce has you covered allowing for all coin types to be securely stored and traded.

Safu and Wealthy, wherever you are

Never let location be an issue when accessing your tokens. DeForce has you covered for all of your tokens storage needs.

Trade on multi chains with no hidden transaction fees. Super friendly DeFi experience, aggregating defi use with simplicity and advantages in mind.

Fixed taxes: 1% buy and 3% sell. Lowest in market.

We are proud to present Deforce, which will undoubtedly contribute to a better management of your assets and increase your profits.

G. Laforge

Founder & CEO, DeForce

DeForce will certainly contribute to increasing your profits by taking advantage of the countless options that our cross-chain mode offers you..

M. O'Brian

Economist, Deforce

DeForce is the first dApp to include security with two-factor authentication. A true revolution in the DeFi sector. Proud to be pioneers in the blockchain.

K. Worf

Research Department

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